Monday, October 31, 2011

A decision of the Municipal Council of Himare, sparks controversy on matters of lands in the region of Himara

Himara non-governmental organizations, see the decision, of the new Land Registration Law 7501, as an order to facilitate the Albanian Mafia, which cares for the looting of the lands in the region of Himara

On 21 October, the Municipality Council of Himara , took place for the Albanian government asked them, setting up land distribution committees, with the 7501 law, in contrast to full property restitution efforts of Himara population, turning once again, the chance to lose opportunities to resolve the land in the region.

This decision was opposed by all non-governmental associations Himara that the next days, will intensify their efforts to stop the implementation of Law 7501, the Region of Himara and Lukovo.

In this plan, the Albanian government has proposed a law, in which, claims commissions organize the division of land in those regions as Himara, including the 7501 law, and not according to the inherited property.

Also, strangely, the municipal council of Himara, adopted the Master Plan priorities and registration of properties, which are blocked by the OSCE, until a legal and fair solution to the question of ownership.

According to the last electoral municipal campaign, all the candidates, including ex Mayor Vassil Bollano and actually in Head Jorgo Goro, supported the registration process under the Law 7501, as all programs of Albanian Parties in controversy of the rights of the people of Himara.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Established in USA The "Himarrioton Society of America"

Photo: Father Kosmas Karavellas

After several
years of interruption, resumed activity of The "Himarrioton Society of America", which will be under the direction of well-known father Kosmas Karavellas Annapolis. The group organizer, in the presence of about 100 participants, presented the program of the Association, which will seek to achieve goals inherited from the founders in the early 20th century in USA.

The "Himarrioton Society of America", will make every effort to invoke the voice of the World personalities by Himara Region origin, such as "Cultural Ambassador of Himara in World", George Tenet and Olympic Weightlifting champion Pyrros Dhimas, also honorary member of The Himara Community of Albania.

Also, The "Himarrioton Society of America" would like to organize meetings in US Congress and Senate, to claim historical rights to Himara Region, by lobbying to the U.S. Department of State.

Further it under the program, the three associations of Himara in World, USA, Albania and Greece, will organize next year, to be called Pan Himariot Congress in Himara Town, with the participation of personalities throughout by the Diaspora.

The new address:

The "Himarrioton Society of America"
2747 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401-7202
(301) 261-8218



" H XEIMAPPA" 1965


The Himarriotans of America, who have in the past been organized in their historic Associations, initially in that of THE AGONIZOMENI XEIMARRA (THE STRUGGLING HIMARRA) and later in the AKROKERAVNIA - at a special meeting held in Washington, D. C. _ overwhelmingly decided to establish a new association which will follow in me noblest traditions '0£ the two preceeding organizatons, and which in a new and invigorating spirit will incarnate the National aspirations of the Himarriotans as true descendants of their Greek forefathers and will inspire towards a more dynamicand effective, patriotic, charitable and philanthropic endeavor.